A fruit salad with jello mixed together with whipped topping. A little twist of adding in grated mozzarella cheese makes for an unexpected surprise.


– 1 lb strawberries – 30 oz mandarines canned – 30 oz peaches canned – 3.4 oz red jello – 3.4 oz orange jello – 8 oz cool whip – ½ cup Mozzerella cheese

How to make jello for fruit salad


Make jello according to package instructions but only using ¾ cup cold water and ¾ cup hot water. Let set in the fridge either overnight or until firm.

Prepare fruit


Slice strawberries into small pieces to your desired size.  Also, drain canned peaches and mandarines and cut them down into smaller pieces.

Mix together the fruit salad


Once the jello is firm cut into cubes about ½ inch pieces. In a large bowl mix all the fruit, jello, and cheese together with defrosted cool whip.

Once the Jello Fruit salad is mixed enjoy in individual cups or in a large bowl!

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